New Mallet Heads

     After much testing we have decided to change the shape of the metal heads for our mallets.  This shape is more comfortable in your hand and makes even better contact with your gouge or chisel handle.  It has a very shallow bell shape.  As of January 2019 we will be shipping all mallets with this shaped head.


Announcing the STW Brass Head Mallet !

You have been asking for a brass head on our mallets so we are pleased to announce that our new Brass head mallet is now available!!  The Brass head mallet is available in the 1.5 lb size with our unique figured hardwood handles.


WIA 2015 was a success!!

We really enjoyed seeing friendly faces from 2014 and meeting new people at this year's show.  Thank you for all the kind words about our mallets and our NEW birdcage awl!!


Visit our STW Store to see the variety of mallets and birdcage awls you can order now



Watch Shannon use the Shenandoah Mallet while building a Picnic Style Dining Table